All in, finally!

Ready to Grow

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garden cropIt’s been an awfully busy week, getting the garden ready to grow, errr, go.   After the new moon on May 25th and the final week of the more formal part of our home schooling year – testing week, as we call it -, the garden demanded all our attention.  The structure was still there from last year:  slightly raised, roughly square beds, a whole bunch of them.  What bears fruit underground had been planted while the moon was waning already, so now it was time to plant what bears fruit above ground while the moon was waxing.

But first, the weeds needed taken care of, and the girls all wanted their own square to grow what they like, or think looks pretty.  So out came the garden claw and the hoe, and yesterday we finally put the last seeds in the ground.  All done, finally!  Now we’ll watch things grow, the plants that we would prefer to grow elsewhere (aka weeds) alongside the ones we actually planted…  The home school summer season has begun in earnest.

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