The Right Way ‘Round

What governs your day?


Do you make time for prayer in your daily routine, or do you structure your daily routine around regular prayer times?


3 comments on “The Right Way ‘Round”

    1. I think it’s this critter, rather than a green bottle fly, primarily because this one was tiny! From the Wiki:
      “Dolichopodidae, the long-legged flies, are a large, cosmopolitan family of true flies with more than 7,000 described species in about 230 genera. The genus Dolichopus is the most speciose, with some 600 species. (…) Dolichopodidae are a family of flies ranging in size from minute to medium-sized (1mm.-9 mm). They have characteristically long and slender legs, though their leg length is not as striking as in families such as the Tipulidae. Their posture often is stilt-like standing high on their legs, with the body almost erect. In colour most species have a green-to-blue metallic lustre, but various other species are dull yellow, brown or black.”

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