Early Bird Maintenance

The early bird has lots of time to sing.

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Years ago, my mother used to run her “white appliances” between 6am and 8am because the electric company offered cheaper electricity during the hours in which usage is generally lower.

Here, IF we run the washer and don’t wash by hand, laundry is usually ready for hanging before breakfast is even over.  It frees up time later in the morning for more important work like gardening, baking or canning.

Which leads me to the point of all this:  It helps to analyse the work you do during the day and divide it into maintenance work (like laundry, dishes or cleaning), bread labor (the things you do that provide what you need without having to go to a store and buy it, like growing your own food, baking your own bread, canning your own produce, making your own tools or sewing your own clothes) and working for cash (the work you get paid for in cash).

apple blossom2

All these are important for one reason or another, but if you spend most of your day with maintenance work, you won’t feel very productive because maintenance work, as everyone knows, never ends.  So streamline your maintenance work to free up time and energy for bread labor, or your cash crop, whatever that may be, and thus also gain time to play with your children, look at the sun falling through the leaves, or sit in that chair under the apple tree and immerse yourself into Dante’s Divine Comedy…


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