The Spirit Mercurius


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The final paragraph (303) from section IV of Jung’s Alchemical Studies, on Mercurius-Hermes-Wotan.

“Mercurius, that two-faced god, comes as the lumen naturae, the Servator and Salvator, only to those whose reason strives towards the highest light ever received by man, and who do not trust exclusively to the cognitio vespertina.  For those who are unmindful of this light, the lumen naturae turns into a perilous ignis fatuus, and the psychopomp into a diabolical seducer.  Lucifer, who could have brought light, becomes the father of lies whose voice in our time, supported by press and radio, revels in orgies of propaganda and leads untold millions to ruin.”

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  1. His “in our time” is still an “in our time” 50 years later, in all three aspects he mentions in the last sentence of the quote, only (I suspect) worse than it was in the late 1960s: the excessive quality of the propaganda, where it is to be found, and what it does to the people.

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