Common Core Math

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Last time I paid any attention to fads the objects of deification were OBE (Outcome Based Education) and oat bran.


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  1. When I was training to become a teacher, extensive comparisons of textbooks was part of the course. Very useful. So here are my 2c on the matter, somewhat informed:
    Any and all textbooks I saw that are catering to the Common Core Curriculum have one undesirable feature: They dumb things down to the point where learning is impeded, as the above example illustrates perfectly. We had first-hand experience of this with the curriculum we use for our girls when they changed the workbooks for phonics. There was a lot of supplementing and substituting necessary to reach an acceptable standard of learning. You see, for the Kindergarten course they used the K and the Grade 1 Phonics book in order to get anywhere at all, and the material to practice on was still so un-challenging that it didn’t teach anything anymore but “My, how boring phonics is!”. Boredom doesn’t lead to ability.
    You can keep your Common Core Curriculum material, folks.

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