Classical Sunday:  Hanns Wolf  (Piano Concerto in C-sharp minor)

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Conductor: Sebastien Rouland
Pianist: Dana Borsan
Orchestra: Philharmonic “Moldova” Iasi

Work: Piano Concerto in C-sharp minor (1929)

Mov.I 00:00
Mov.II 15:41
Mov.III 24:30

Hanns Wolf was born on June 7, 1894 in Bamberg, Germany, and died on July 2, 1968 Fuessen, Germany. He studied with Prof. Henry van Zeyl (one of the last students of Franz Liszt), with Max Meyer-Obersleben (composition), with Willy Rehberg and Alfred Hoehn (piano) and he played as a soloist under Willem Mengelberg, Otto Klemperer, Sir Henry Wood, G.L. Jochum, G.M.D. Friedrich (Berlin), GMD Jung (Saarbruecken), Eduard van Beinum (Hilversum) and GMD Hans Swarowski (Danzig). Made broadcasts with the following radio stations: Munich, Berlin, Hilversum and Saarbruecken.

Almost his complete oeuvres were destroyed towards the end of war, in 1944. The following works however were rediscovered by Karl Urlberger, Aschaffenburg in 1996: A Concerto in c sharp minor for piano and orchestra, one of the great late romantic piano concertos; Paraphrase for piano on the waltz “Wiener Blut” by Johann Strauss; Grand etude in e minor for piano “Springbrunnen”; four peasant dances for string orchestra op. 7; five franconian dances for four-handed piano.


1908-1912: Studied piano and composition at the Academy of Music, Wuerzburg
1912-1913: Piano teacher, Essen
1913-1914: Director of the conservatory, Elbing
1914-1924: Teacher for piano and organ, Aschaffenburg
1924-1945: Professor at the conservatory, Augsburg, piano soloist and accompanist, both nationally and internationally
1945-1968: Independent pianist and piano pedagogue

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