Fairy Flies and Misty Sun

Wolly alder aphids they are called, but really, fairy flies is a much nicer name…


woolly aphids cropFeatured and left:  “Wooly aphids (family Aphididae, subfamily Eriosomatinae) are spectacular when sitting on twigs in large assemblages, and startling as individuals”, the Bug Lady writes at the Riveredge Nature Center Bug o’the Week, and right she is!  We have seen these little suckers out and about in the yard, particularly under the biggest maple around, dubbing them “fairy flies” because they look like little blue-ish white fairies when they are on the wing.  This colony we found in the woods behind the house, on an alder tree.  Truth be told, we think they look like tiny scorpions, but legs # 7 and 8 are just their feelers.  Lots more info to be found if you follow the link above.

misty sun featured2

Mist in the trees:  The woods are waving “Farewell Summer”…

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