LINK: Catholicism and Economics

A healthy society is no more troubled about its economic organisation than a healthy man is troubled about his digestion.



This ideal of Holy Poverty and of the blessedness of the non-economic life is the negative side of the Gospel teaching. The same view of life finds its positive expression in the precept of Charity, which is the true inspiration of the Christian life in economics as well as in other matters. All that a man has, whether of external goods or of personal powers and opportunities, is given him not for his own enjoyment, but for the service of God and man.

Source: Catholicism and Economics

2 comments on “LINK: Catholicism and Economics”

  1. “Though the natural and the supernatural are two distinct orders, to which in a sense the secular and the religious lives correspond, yet both are directed to the same ultimate end.”

    Interesting analogy.


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