Classical Sunday: The Baltimore Consort’s The Mad Buckgoat

Enjoy these ancient tunes of a Celtic nature.


Before you start debating if “classical” is properly applied here, consider this:

“Ireland is well-known for its rich musical heritage and its vast collection of ancient musical instruments spanning more than 3000 years from the Late Stone Age through to the Early Medieval Period (4200BC – 1000AD)”,

and read more about five of the most important ancient instruments that reflect the changes that evolved in Irish culture and civilization over thousands of years here.

The Baltimore Consort ‎– The Mad Buckgoat: Ancient Music Of Ireland

1 The Mad Buckgoat (Poc Air Buille) 1:41
2 Willie Winkle 3:07
3 Truagh (An Triúcha) 4:38
4 The Beggar (An Bockagh) 3:32
5 Bugga Fee Hoosa (Bogadh Faoi Shúsa 4:01
6 Girls, Have You Seen George? (A Chailíní, A’bhfaca Sibh Seóirse) 2:53
7 Toss The Feathers 1:09
8 The Fairy Dance: A Reel 1:20
9 The Pretty Maid Miling Her Cow (Cailín Deas Crúite Na Mbó) 6:30
10 The Fiddler’s Contemt 1:48
11 The Kerry Star: A Reel 1:07
12 The Goroum: A Reel 1:32
13 Wild Geese 6:29
14 Yonder, Westwards, Is The Road She Went (Súd É Siar An Ród A D’Imthigh Sí) 3:38
15 The Old Woman’s Hornpipe 1:29
16 Your Old Wig Is The Love Of My Heart (Gradh Mo Chroidhe Do Shean Wig) 2:34
17 Dwyer’s Hornpipe 2:41
18 Catty Magee (Caití Na GCuach) 1:52
19 Kitty Magee 1:39
20 Billy From Bruff 3:42
21 The Pigot Jig 2:48

Artwork – Daniel Maclise
Booklet Editor – Katherine A. Dory, Mary Anne Ballard
Cittern, Viol [Bass], Cittern [Bandora] – Mark Cudek
Design – Kimberly Smith Co.
Edited By – Brad Michel
Engineer – Craig D. Dory, Joseph F. Korgie
Executive Producer – Brian M. Levine
Flute, Whistle, Bagpipes, Bodhrán, Liner Notes – Chris Norman
Lute, Cittern [Bandora] – Ronn McFarlane
Producer [Post-session] – Ronn McFarlane
Producer [Session] – Julian Gray
Translated By – Donal O’Sullivan
Viol [Bass], Recorder – Larry Lipkis
Viol, Rebec – Mary Anne Ballard
Vocals – Custer LaRue

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