New Home for Family History


We have moved the family history website concerning my father Josef Kappius to a new virtual home.  Blog posts will follow by and by.  If you are interested in WWII history, and what went on behind the scenes between the German resistance and the Allies, and some personal insights into life from someone who had a lot of time to think during turbulent times, we invite you to follow along @  This is (and will continue to be) a site with content both in English and German.  During my father’s interment in Australia in the early 1940s, he wrote about his experiences in both languages, and notes from this time are the primary source of the blog posts to look forward to (he left us a couple of boxes full of notebooks, thankfully).  The pages are also some in one, some in the other language, and some in both.  Have a look around!  🙂



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