Here’s to the Irish!

Found this little story in one of my father’s notebooks…


Found this little story in one of my father’s notebooks, among other quotes and snippets he must have valued.  His sense of humor strikes me as wholesome…  Enjoy!

Labor Problem

An Irish soldier in France during the World War received a letter from his wife saying there wasn’t an able-bodied man left, and she was going to dig the garden herself.

Pat wrote at the beginning of his next letter:

“Bridget, please don’t dig the garden; that’s where the guns are.”

The letter was duly censored, and in a short time a load of men in uniform arrived at Pat’s house and proceeded to dig the garden, from end to end.

Bridget wrote to Pat that she did not know what to do, the soldiers had dug every bit of the garden.

Pat’s reply was short and to the point:

“Put in the spuds.”


~ Health Ray, USA

From Reader’s Digest, February 1941

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