LINK:  Please Don’t Smoke Your Meat in the Outhouse

Ain’t no need to be ‘moking your birds in the outhouse these days. 

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Once, years ago when I was a small child, my father came home with two freshly smoked chickens.  I remember it distinctly because he pulled into the driveway, got out of the truck, immediately grabbed both birds and flung them down the hill and into the woods.  What an extraordinary waste, I thought, and so I asked him why he had pitched them over the hill.

The story was that my father had stopped by a friends’ house for a visit.  This friend, old Ott, lived a few miles away somewhere down in Hocking County, Ohio and was quite the character.  There was a tradition of gift giving between my father and his friends, usually involving beer, but on this particular visit Ott decided to reciprocate with them heretofore-a-mentioned smoked birds.

My father noticed smoke coming out of the old outhouse there and suspiciously asked Ott where he’d done the smoking.  “In the outhouse, of course.”  Hence, the birds ended up with an open burial amongst the sumac and briar, as outhouse-smoked chicken was a bit too rustic even for us.

Handy tip:  Ain’t no need to be ‘moking your birds in the outhouse these days.  Right below is a link where you can find numerous ways to build your own tiny smokehouse.  Enjoy.

Source: 23 Awesome DIY Smokehouse Plans You Can Build in the Backyard – Bio Prepper

Do you enjoy smoking your meat? I mean, who doesn’t love homemade bacon or ham? After exploring the world of smoking meat here recently, I have to tell you I think everyone should have some type of a smoker and make their own meat creations. It is so tasty!


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