End of June Garden Impressions

How things stand on the eve of July…


Finally, the weather allows us to get the garden back into shape, which basically means that mornings and evenings find us scratching around in the dirt happily while the girls squeal and giggle and splash around on our homemade water-slide.  The pictures show you a little bit of how things stand on the eve of July.  Featured tomatoes, below pepper blossom.

pepper featured

St John’s Wort:

st johns wort featured

Cucumber blossom:



blueberries featured

Hungarian Wax pepper:


Marigold blossom:

marigold insta

And bees in the clover.


2 comments on “End of June Garden Impressions”

    1. Thank you, Peter. We are in Zone 5 here, and lettuces and cabbages are doing fine in our little plot, too. In fact, we have been eating our own lettuces for a good many weeks already. The cabbages already looked a little sun-wilty when I too the pix, so I thought that wouldn’t make such a wonderful motive, haha. Best wishes to you and yours, and a fine weekend as well!

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