There’s a Fungus Among Us

Shrooms, say I!


Last weekend, before Florence graced us with a rainy visit, we went shroom-hunting with the camera, primarily because while we are aware of a plethora of fungi in the yard, we are equally aware that most of them are most certainly inedible, if not downright poisonous.  But they surely make for pretty pictures.

shroom and acorn featured
mushroom with burr oak acorn

Now, I would love to offer an identification with every picture, but alas!, I do not know my mushrooms as well as I probably should, and our printed guides to flora and fauna are not detailed enough to say much with confidence.  Any input on your part would be appreciated, esteemed visitor to this humble blog.

spongy shroom featured
probably a crowned clavaria

But now, enough talk!  Let’s get on with more pictures already!  This one has been chewed upon in a curious fashion:

shroom featured
possibly a small fly agaric

The following is being chewed upon by various critters at the same time:

shroom and slug insta
breakfast is served, it seems

Here we have the same kind of ‘shroom in two stages of maturity:

open and closed insta
still closed and already opened

From above, the open one looks like this:

shroom or pancake featured
mushroom or pancake, one wonders

Or how about this character of a tree fungus that could double as a cartoon character:

tree fungus featured
tree fungus

Here is one with a lopsided smile chewed into its bright yellow hat:

smile insta
Say ‘Cheese’!

One last, probably a two-colored boletus, covered with more fungus:

fungus on fungus insta
fungus on fungus

So much for today.  Maybe on our next stroll, we find something edible for a change.

6 comments on “There’s a Fungus Among Us”

  1. What a coincidence (perhaps it is not, after all fall is knocking at our doors in the higher latitudes), but I will posting some or our wild choice mushrooms on Wednesday’s photos. Great pictures, but I would not want to eat the mushrooms!

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