Yard in Fall Colors

Things are beginning to look particularly pretty out there.

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Things are beginning to get colorful in our neck of the woods, even if we are still far from peak fall colors.  Hanging laundry along the edge of the woods is a chore we quite enjoy, and I frequently take the camera to catch the sun falling through the trees just so.


This poisonous beauty, thankfully very high up, is already pretty to look at.

poisonous beauty
poison ivy

And as most everyone else in the country, we are getting ready for the end-of-month-scare as well.  Here is what’s waiting for the carving knife:

getting there

The oaks are turning slowly, too.

fall oak leaves
oak in the fall

With the sun lower already, it is often rewarded to change your perspective on things:

shroom from below
‘shroom from below

And the honey in our bee tree is attracting the local black bear population, it would seem.  We spotted a mother and her two cubs the other day, and what they left behind.

bear scat and shoe
bear scat

Lastly, a view down the ravine in the back yard, a wonderful place to spend some quiet time under trees and near water.  It is also an excellent location to catch salamanders, find turkey feathers and have a friendly chat with the resident barred owl.

at the homeplace
at the homeplace 

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