Classical Sunday: Wagner’s Fliegender Holländer

Enjoy the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Chorus with Sir Georg Solti performing “The Flying Dutchman”.


Richard Wagner (1813-1883):

Der Fliegende Holländer WWV 63 (The Flying Dutchman)

HOLLÄNDER: Norman Bailey
SENTA: Janis Martin
ERIK: René Kollo
DALAND: Martti Talvela
STEUERMANN: Werner Krenn
MARY: Isola Jones

Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Chorus – Sir Georg Solti

Ouvertüre: 0:00
Erster Aufzug: 11:07
Zweiter Aufzug: 53:21
Dritter Aufzug: 1:49:54

Background picture: Thousand Sunny from “One Piece” by Eiichirou Oda

We apologize for the background picture, but this recording was the most pleasing to our taste.  Here something more fitting:

The Flying Dutchman by Albert Pinkham Ryder

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