Fall Walk

We took a walk around the yard this afternoon.  Come join us!


What a lovely sunny day it was today!  We took a walk around the yard, which really means a walk through the natural habitat of our kinfolk: the woods.  Come join us!


Everything is red and golden and wonderful.  And the bees are mostly inactive now, although we did see a few fly around when we peeked into the hollow tree to see what they have been busy with all summer.  Looky here:


I shone a flashlight into the tree so one could see the honey combs better.  Got to wonder how many there are in there…

natural habitat2.jpg

Here is what surrounds our humble abode.  Gives you a sense of tranquility to live here rather than in an urban or even suburban setting.  And there are still fungi among-i, like this interesting species:


This fellow went with us as well, obviously.  He’s saying that he is ready to run after whatever it is you are about to throw:

focussed insta.jpg

Hope you enjoyed our little walk!  More pictures to come up by and by on the instagram account.

natural habitat1.jpg

4 comments on “Fall Walk”

  1. How beautiful. I have never seen a honeycomb in nature (do bees hibernate?? Guess I could ‘google’ that…). You can draw such peace and strength from trees. I often took my dogs to a nearby nature preserve with 2-3 miles of wooded trails through it, but it was badly damaged during Florence. Hoping it will reopen someday. Thank you for this!

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