Remembering Our Ancestors: Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. P. Snyder

Today we remember Charles and Goldie Snyder, whose respective birthdays would have been this week.

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This week, our maternal (great- )great-grandparents Charles Winfield P. Snyder and Goldie Ethel Fouts would have celebrated their respective birthdays, so we feel it is a good opportunity to remember them especially.

Let us introduce them first.  Here is Charles, in the only photo that we have of him,

Charles Winfield P. Snyder (1895–1961)

and this is his dear wife Goldie.

Goldie Ethel Fouts (1899–1972)

Charles Winfield P. Snyder was born on January 31, 1895, in Nelsonville, Ohio.  Goldie Ethel Fouts was born four years and a day later, on February 1, 1899, in Trimble, Ohio.  They married on 25 February, 1917, in Tuscarawas, Ohio, and settled in first in Lorain County, OH, where their five children, two boys and three girls, were born.  Then they moved to Perry County, OH, where they had a farm.  Their oldest daughter was our (great-) grandmother Naomi Ann.

When the USA joined WWII in 1942, Charles was drafted into the ongoing fray across the Atlantic.  He survived, and after the war worked for the Thistle Oil Company in Corning, OH.  We are not so sure how long they kept the farm, or whom they sold it to eventually, but we know for sure they still had it in 1944 because their son-in-law James Christman’s funeral was held at the farm in late October of that year.  It seems that by 1947, however, they were not living at the farm anymore.

Charles later got sick, and died on May 10, 1961, at the hospital at the age of 66.  He was buried in Shawnee, Ohio, which is where you can find their grave marker as shown in the featured image.

Goldie Ethel Fouts

Goldie then moved to Glouster, OH, where she lived for another eleven years, not too far away from her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

She died on May 30, 1972 at the age of 73, and now rests with her husband in Shawnee, Ohio.

Rest in Peace, Charles and Goldie.

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