Remembering Our Ancestors: Mabel Tullar

Mabel was our 8th (and 9th) great-grandmother.

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Today, we remember our 8th (and 9th) great-grandmother Mabel Tullar.  She was the daughter of John Tullar, the American ancestor of the Tullar family in the United States, and Elisabeth (Case) Lewis, widow of Joseph Lewis, of Simsbury, Connecticut.  Elisabeth was John’s second wife after the death of his first, and after marrying in 1684, the two had six children, with Mabel being the youngest.

Mabel Tullar was born on 22 February 1699, that is, today 320 years ago, in Simsbury, Connecticut.  She married Samuel Chidester on 17 March, 1719, in her hometown, and as far as we know, they had at least two, but probably more children during their marriage.  Mabel died on 27 March 1761, in Roxbury, New Jersey, at the age of 62, and was buried in Succasunna, NJ.

Her great-granddaughter Sarah married into the Snyder-line of our family in 1797.

Of her life we know very little:  Mabel was only 19 when her mother died, and when her husband Samuel died on 17 Mar 1761, she followed him only ten days later.

Rest in Peace, Great-Grandma Mabel.  Just because we do not know much about you does not mean that we should not, or do not, remember you.

rest in peace.jpg

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