Classical Sunday: Ancient Greek Music

They say that music influences our feelings. May this Sunday’s choice bring you enjoyment!

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Ancient Greek Music Vol.1 | Spirit Of Aristotle

The Theoretical System of Ancient Greek Music has been rescued.  We can draw information about the instruments that Ancient Greeks used from various sources such as vase paintings, statues, reliefs, mosaics, etc. as well as from writers such as Aristoxenos and Cleonidis.

Plato, Aristotle and other philosophers move one step further and form the theories of ethics and theories of music ethics that look at the influence of music over the emotions and the mentality of humans.  According to music ethics, every rhythmic and melodic move has an emotional countermove.  Therefore, music may affect a person in a positive way or in a negative way.

However, ethics do not rely solely on general findings but also in the aesthetic exploration of the structural parameters of music by examining the ethos of melody, harmonies (tropical classifications), genus and rhythms.

1. Savazios 00:00
2. Dorios Harmonia 03:23
3. Sappho Epithalamium 05:51
4. Athenaeus Paian 07:10
5. Quotation From The Tragedy “ORESTIS” 10:55
6. 2nd Delfic Hymn To Apollon 12:09
7. Hymn To The Sun 18:21
8. 1st Delfic Hymn To Apollon 20:14
9. Dithiramvos Of Pindaros 24:06
10. Sikkinis Dance 27:10
11. Peon On Ipodorion 30:14
12. Patinada Of Smyrna 31:41
13. Mantalena 35:32
14. Iamvos 37:54
15. Eis Kitharan 38:36
16. Lament Of Simonidis 40:35
17. Marathon Of Seagulls 42:39
18. Phidippidis’ Journey 44:47

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