Remembering Our Ancestors: Steward Leslie Denney

This week, (2nd) Great-Grandpa Denney would have been 143.

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Today, we wish to remember our (2nd) great-grandfather Steward Leslie Denney, who would have celebrated his 143rd birthday earlier this week.  We wonder if he spelled his name Stewerd, as it says on his headstone, or Steward, as it says on several documents, but it probably doesn’t matter a whole lot.  We’ll stick with the more common spelling in this post.

Skidmore Road Springfield Township
Skidmore Road in Springfield Township, Gallia County, OH

Steward Leslie Denney was born along the Ohio river in Gallia County, Ohio, just north-west of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, on 15 April 1876.  His parents Hudson Denney and Lydia Greer had at least three more children, two sons and one daughter.

Steward married Mattie Mulford on 3 Oct 1899 in Southside, Mason County, West Virginia, where the young family settled.  Southside is just a 10-minute drive south of Beech Hill, WV, where Mattie had been born.  The marriage was blessed with 16 children, 14 of whom they raised to adulthood.  One of their sons was our (great-) grandfather Lorain Franklin Denney.

When Steward was 60 years old, his dear wife died on 10 Apr 1937, which was last week 82 years ago.  He lived for another 15 years before he followed her on 26 Feb 1962.  They were both laid to rest in Pine Grove Cemetery, in Southside.

pine grove cemetery

Rest in Peace, Great-Grandpa Denney.


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