If You Were the President of the United States of America…

What would be the five most important things you would do if you were in charge?


Our girls like the Brain Quest material for some supplementary schooling material, and for fun.  This year, we purchased their “America” quiz card set containing “850 questions and answers celebrating our history, people and culture (Ages 9 & up)”.  Our girls very much enjoyed going over these, and it was amazing to see what kind of information they have picked up from various sources.  On the second-to-last card, one questions was “How old must you be before you can run for the office of President of the United States?”  While they did not know the answer to this question, our 2nd daughter stated that it was a terribly scary thought to imagine oneself as president of this country, with all the responsibility involved and such.  So we got to talking and each girl ended up writing down the five most important things they would do if they were in office.brain quest america quiz questions

Abigail (age 11) wrote:  I would

  • Change the fashion.
  • Bring back family meals.
  • Bring back horse travel.
  • Empty the prisons.
  • Turn former prisons into homes.

Rebekah (age 9) wrote:  I would

  • Ban cars.
  • Shut down all schools in favor of home schooling.
  • Not allow garbage in the woods.
  • Feed pets home-made food.
  • Have people eat family meals.

Sarah (age 7) wrote:  I would

  • Destroy tree-shredders.
  • Ban public schools and home-school children.
  • Have family dinners.
  • Ban supermarkets and bring back small shops.
  • Do not allow ripped jeans.

How about you?

7 comments on “If You Were the President of the United States of America…”

  1. Donald (age 52)

    -Bring all the troops home and provide them with the best care possible, if needed.
    -Abolish the National Education Association
    -Bring back regular railway transit and streetcars
    -Eliminate personal income tax
    -Trash the Federal Reserve and reestablish the gold standard

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      1. Precisely what we told our daughters when we glued the paper they had written their ideas on into the family diary: It will be fun to revisit this in a couple of years. 🙂

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