Remembering Our Ancestors: Abigail Briggs

This week Tuesday 244 years ago, our 4th (and 5th) great-grandmother Abigail Briggs died in Mansfield, MA.

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Abigail Briggs was born on 4 February 1751 in Norton, Bristol County, MA, to Phineas Briggs and Esther Finney as the last of five children.  Both her parents died in the spring of 1754 – dare we suggest it was the flu? – when her oldest sister was 12 and Abigail only 3 years old.  We do not know (yet) who took care of the five children after their parents had passed away.

Abigail married Daniel Skinner on 6 December 1770 in Mansfield, MA, and they had two children, a son and a daughter, before Abigail died as a young mother on 2 July 1775 in Mansfield, MA, at the age of 24.  Her husband very quickly married again and had another four or five children, so Abigail’s children did not have to grow up motherless and gained a few more siblings as well.


The information we have about Abigail Briggs Skinner, great-grandmother on the Lindsey side of the family, leaves us with more questions than answers.

Regardless:  Rest in Peace, dear Great-Grandma Abigail.  Our oldest daughter bears your name.

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