Remembering Our Ancestors: Angela Maria Tacken

This week 128 years ago, our 2nd (and 3rd) great-grandmother on the Cappius side passed away at the age of 68.

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Haaren, a small but very old village in Germany which today belongs to Bad Wünnenberg, is the place to where we can trace the Cappius/Kappius family in history.  There, they lived since the late 18th century, and there they still live, not all of them, but many.  Their farm and extensive lands, and with them their house name Reele(n), eventually got lost, but parts of the family just moved to another house in town that also belonged to them, and this property is still family owned.  Haaren is full of Kappius families who all are related to each other to one degree or another; you just have to go back far enough and find the connections.

Angela Maria Tacken was born on 10 Jan 1823 in Haaren.  Her mother Christina Müller was originally from Wünnenberg, her father Heinrich Tacken was a day laborer in Haaren.

Angela married Franziskus Xaverius Kappius at St. Vitus church in Haaren (picture below) on 2 March 1849 when he was 27 years old, and she was 26.  The family lived in Haaren on the Reelen farm, the place that gave the family the house-name Reele(n) as an attachment to their family name.

Angela and Franziskus Xaverius had eleven children together between 1849 and 1869, three of which did not live to adulthood.  Their first son and second child Johannes was our (2nd) great-grandfather, and it appears that he moved to Grumme, a district of Bochum, with Angela and Franziskus when they left Haaren.  The reason for their move was probably the loss of the farm which happened around 1877, and the smaller house in Haaren was a good bit smaller than the farm had been and had only room enough for their son Konrad and his quickly growing family.

In Bochum-Grumme, Franziskus Xaverius died on 1 March 1888.  On 16 December 1891, only three and a half years later, Angela Maria Kappius died as well and was laid to rest in Bochum together with her husband, as far as we know.

Rest in Peace, Great-Grandma Kappius.

St. Vitus in Haaren

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