Classical Sunday: Mattheson’s Brauchbarer Virtuoso

Here’s something light for the first Sunday in 2020.


Johann Mattheson – Der brauchbare Virtuoso, Transverse flute & Harpsichord (CD1)

12 Kammersonaten (1717)

Toke Lude Christiansen : Traverse flute
Jesper Bøje Christensen : Harpsichord

Sonata I in D major 0:00
Sonata II in G major 11:38
Sonata III in A major 20:24
Sonata IV in D major 28:28
Sonata V in G major 35:47
Sonata VI in E minor 44:27

Händel, Telemann, Buxtehude – many big names are connected with northern Germany (Hamburg in particular) and Baroque music.  So is Johann Mattheson’s (1681 – 1764), native of Hamburg, diplomat, composer, writer and close friend of Georg Friedrich Händel’s.  Mattheson is mainly famous as a music theorist and wrote abundantly on performance practice, theatrical style, and harmony of the German Baroque.

The harpsichord was a very popular instrument at the time, although it might take modern ears some time to appreciate it.  Enjoy!



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