Classical Sunday: Fux’s Kaiserrequiem

Johann Joseph Fux (1660 – 1741) was an Austrian composer and court musician of the late Baroque era.

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Johann Joseph Fux: Kaiserrequiem

Vox Luminis & Scorpio Collectief

Vox Luminis:
Zsuzsi Tóth, Sara Jäggi, Elke Janssens, Maria Bernius – soprano
Barnabás Heygi, Jan Kullmann – alto
Olivier Berten, Robert Buckland – tenor
Matthias Lutze, Lionel Meunier – bass

Scorpio Collectief:
Veronika Skuplik, Stefano Rossi – violin
Johannes Frisch – tenor violin
Josue Melendez, Frithjof Smith – cornett, cornett muto
Simen van Mechelen, Claire McIntyre – trombone
Carles Cristobal – bassoon
Matthias Müller – violine
Kris Verhelst – organ

Recorded during Utrecht Early Music Festival 2014 on 7 September 2014 in TivoliVredenburg.

J.J. Fux was employed by three successive emperors, Leopold I, Joseph I and Karl VI.  Not sure for whom of the three he wrote this requiem, but Leopold I was surely the one among the three that supported music the most.

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