Cultured Wednesday: von Drasche-Wartinberg’s Im Tiefen Winter

Here’s a winter landscape painting by a 19th century geologist.


January, just the time to have a closer look at paintings of winter landscapes.  Here is one by Richard Freiherr von Drasche-Wartinberg:

Richard Freiherr von Drasche-Wartinberg: Im tiefen Winter (In Deep Winter)

Richard Freiherr von Drasche-Wartinberg (born 18 March 1850 in Vienna, died 3 July 1923 in the same place) was the son of the brick maker who turned the Wienerberger Ziegelkonzern into the leading company of this kind in Austria during the Gründerzeit.  The company is known today as the Wienerberger AG, by now the world’s largest producer of bricks and clay roof tiles.

Painting was not Richard Freiherr von Drasche-Wartinberg’s main occupation, in fact, he was rather known for his published geological studies and he traveled and researched a lot.  But for the moment, we are more interested in his painting.  That’s what winter is supposed to be like…

2 comments on “Cultured Wednesday: von Drasche-Wartinberg’s Im Tiefen Winter”

    1. Oh yes, me too. Wonderful atmosphere in that picture!
      He appears to have supported the Arts generally speaking as well and bought a castle somewhere in Bohemia at some point that he gave to the local arts academy, but in all that 20th-century trouble in the area, things got all jumbled up. Interesting stuff from a historical perspective.

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