Cultured Wednesday: Eckersberg’s Fra Romsdalen

What a beautiful valley, what a beautiful painting.


Now here’s a place to live in these days: Across the lake from town.  Looks like a lovely little cottage to me.  Talk about social distancing! (Click the picture for a closer look.)

Fra Romsdalen. Romsdalen is the valley (or dale) of the Rauma river in western Norway.

Johan Fredrik Eckersberg (16 June 1822 – 13 July 1870) was a Norwegian landscape painter and teacher at his own art school in Oslo.  He looms large in 19th-century Norwegian art as an important figure in the transition from Romanticism to Realism.

Every summer since 1848, he visited the most grand and picturesque spots in his native country Norway, making sketches from which he afterwards elaborated his pictures.  Obviously, Romsdalen with its magnificent mountain backdrop and the picturesque lake was one of them.

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