Remembering Our Ancestors: Henry Harris

This week 146 years ago, our 4th and 5th grandfather on the Denney side passed away.

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Henry Harris’ granddaughter Arilla was the grandmother of our (great-)grandfather Lorain Franklin Denney, and the mother of our (2nd) great-grandmother Mattie Mulford.

When Henry Harris was born in 1792 or 1793, his ancestors had been living in Virginia for well nigh 200 years, that is, since the pilgrim Capt. Thomas Harris, first Harris clan member in the New World, had settled on land that now belongs to Henrico County, VA, in 1611.  Henry was born in Bedford County, Virginia, and appears to have spent his childhood there.  According to our records, he fought in the war of 1812 when he was between 20 and 25, as his later widow received a military pension based on this fact.

Speaking of which:  Henry Harris married Jane W. Summers on 13 Jun 1824 in Mason County, West Virginia.  Apparently,  Henry had made his way further west, and it was Mason county from which our (great-)grandfather Lorain Franklin Denney set out in the 1920s to southern Ohio where the family then settled.

Henry and Jane had at least five children, four boys and one girl.  Their oldest son was our direct ancestor and father of Arilla Harris, who married into the Mulford family and whose daughter then married a Denney.

IMG_2774 - Edited


By the time Henry was in his 80s, he was living in Buffalo in Putnam County, WV, just south of Mason county.  This week 146 years ago, on 15 April of 1874, Henry Harris died in his 83rd year, and as far as we know, he was laid to rest in Buffalo.

Requiescat in Pace, Great-Grandpa Harris.



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