Classical Sunday: Savall’s Caravaggio Lachrimae

From the Maguelone Festival 2012


The video might not play on the site but only on YouTube.  Just follow the link that will be provided if they block it from playing on here.

Jordi Savall and Hespèrion XXI: Lachrimae Caravaggio

Lachrimae Caravaggio – Musical Europe in the Time of Caravaggio

From the Maguelone Festival 2012

Jordi Savall – viola da gamba
Ferran Savall – voice
Philippe Pierlot – viola da gamba
Sergi Casademunt – viola da gamba
Lorenz Dufschmidt – viola da gamba
Xavier Puertas – violone
Xavier Diaz-Latorre – lute, theorbo & guitar
Perdo Estevan – percussions

2:03 Anonymous – Pavana del re
3:56 Anonymous – Galliarda la traditora
5:37 Jordi Savall – Saltarello
7:22 Giovanni M.Trabaci – Durezze E Ligature
13:15 John Dowland – Lachrimae Pavan
17:06 Orlando Gibbons – In Nomine a 4
19:16 William Brade – Ein Schottisch Tanz
22:15 Jordi Savall – Passacaglia Libertas
25:00 Jordi Savall – Deploratio II
27:43 Luys del Milà – Pavana and Gallarda
30:47 Joan Cabanilles – Corrente Italiana
34:17 Jordi Savall & Dominique Fernandez – Concentus Aria
35:36 Jordi Savall & Dominique Fernandez – Concentus Recitativo
37:52 Jordi Savall – Folias
41:51 Anonymous – Pavane de la Petite Guerre
44:06 Anonymous – Bourrée d’avignonez
46:27 Consonanze Stravaganti (d’après trabaci)
47:57 Jordi Savall – Deploratio III
51:14 Samuel Scheidt – Paduan & Courant dolorosa
57:56 Jordi Savall – Spiritus Morientis
1:00:53 Jordi Savall – Deploratio IV
1:05:29 Luigi Rossi – Fantasie “Les Pieurs d`Orphée”
1:08:40 Anonymous – Sarabande Italienne
1:10:16 Cantus Caravaggio III “In Memoriam”

A co-production of Calicot – Mezzo – TV Sud – Maguelone Festival
Video director: Olivier Simonnet

Jordi Savall in 2016

Featured: Caravaggio’s ‘Saint Francis of Assisi in Ecstasy’ (c. 1595), Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, CT

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    1. Thanks for letting us know. Looks like you can’t watch it on our site but go to YouTube for it. I followed the link that popped up with the blocking notice and it then played on YouTube.

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