About Donald

Donald, husband to his beloved bride Anne and father of 6 children, is of Scots-Irish and German ancestry and was born & raised in the Appalachian foothills of southern Ohio.  The Unglaciated Allegheny Plateau is and always will be home.  Currently residing in the Kinsman, Ohio area whilst recovering from entirely too many years spent in IT, eCommerce, and marketing.

Interests include- but are not limited to- music (guitar, mandolin, dulcimer), genealogy, Jungian depth psychology, primitive cookery, bushcraft, American history & traditions, Northern European history & traditions, and the brewing of Earl Grey tea.

The Spear Side


Samuel Denny 1635-1710
10th great-grandfather

David Denny 1665-1733
Son of Samuel Denny

John Denny 1690-1765
Son of David Denny

Samuel Denny NaN-1808
Son of John Denny

Azariah Denny 1750-1830
Son of Samuel Denny

James Denney 1777-1860
Son of Azariah Denny

Jordan/ John Denney 1802-1888
Son of James Denney

Azariah Franklin Denney 1828-1908
Son of Jordan/ John Denney

Hudson “Hutson” Denney 1854-1915
Son of Azariah Franklin Denney

Steward Leslie Denney 1876-1962
Son of Hudson “Hutson” Denney

Lorain Franklin Denney 1907-1997
Son of Steward Leslie Denney

Donald Eugene Denney 1934-1996
Son of Lorain Franklin Denney

Donald Lorain Denney
I am the son of Donald Eugene Denney