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Link:  The View From Olympus: The Identitarians

William S. Lind speaking: Fourth Generation war will spread as citizens do the only thing they can do to defend themselves, their communities, and their nations and take direct action against invaders. Their government will become irrelevant or a hindrance and people, especially young people, will transfer their primary loyalty away from the state to other

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Classical Sunday:  Charles Theodore Pachelbel (Magnificat)

Chronologically, Charles Theodore Pachelbel can be considered the first of America’s great classical (baroque) composers.  He was born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1690 and made his way to the colonies in the early part of 1734. Magnificat Sheet Music:  For Mixed Chorus, 2 Trumpets, 2 Trombones and Organ (Rondeau)   Arrangements and Transcriptions The video performance is

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