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Remembering Our Ancestors: John Phillips

The Phillips family had been in the New World for two generations already when John was born in 1776: The first Phillips of this line, James, immigrated during the first decade of the 18th century from Suffolk in England.

Remembering Our Ancestors: Richard Felton Jr.

This week 351 years ago, our 9th (and 10th) great-grandfather Richard Felton Jr. was born in England’s West Midlands. By the time he died in 1734, he had made the journey west across the Atlantic.

Remembering Our Ancestors: William Suddarth

Born along Aquia Creek on the east side of Virginia in 1714, our 8th (and 9th) great-grandfather William Suddarth moved a good bit further west into the heart of Virginia before he died on Christmas Day 1761.