Breed Report: Budenny

Today the Budenny is in demand as a competition horse and racehorse.

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During the 1920s, Russia went through a phase of creating new horse breeds to meet the demand of tough cavalry horses.  they used complex crossbreeding systems, and the Budenny was one result of these policies.  He was a horse of sufficient quality that he soon evolved into a popular competition horse.

ORIGIN:  Russia

ENVIRONMENT:  Open habitat including grassland, moor and heath

USES:  Riding, sports and racing

HEIGHT:  16.0 to 16.1 hh (64 to 65 in)

COLORS:  Black, brown, chestnut, and bay


The Budenny resulted from the crossing of Don and Chernomor mares with Anglo-Don stallions.  Dons were the famous mounts of the Don Cossacks; the Chernomor was a smaller, lighter version of the Don.  The breeding program for the Budenny was based at a military stud in the Rostov region, and used the best mares and stallions as foundation stock.  The Budenny was recognized as a breed in 1949.


The head of the Budenny should be well proportioned, full of quality, and set on a long, fairly straight neck.  The eyes are bright and intelligent, the ears sharp and alert.  Overall, the Budenny’s conformation is one of lean athleticism, but the shoulders are not as long and sloping as the Thoroughbred, while the hind legs can be relatively straight and weak looking.



Debby Sly: Encyclopedia of Horses.  Bath, UK 2008, p. 199

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