Classical Sunday: Bach’s Cello Suites

The Strativari played here by the young Hungarian cellist István Várda is one of less than 65 cellos in existence from the legendary instrument-maker.



J.S. Bach: 6 Suites for Cello Solo

Cellist: István VárdaiHe plays the legendary “Ex du Pré-Harrell” Stradivari built in 1673.

Suite No.1 in G Major
0:00 Prelude
2:51 Allemande
7:07 Courante
10:01 Sarabande
12:39 Bourees I and II
15:55 Gigue

Suite No.3 in C Major
17:31 Prelude
21:24 Allemande
25:05 Courante
28:28 Sarabande
32:29 Minuets I and II
36:14 Gigue

Suite No.5 in C minor
39:31 Prelude
46:20 Allemande
51:09 Courante
53:19 Sarabande
57:12 Gavottes I and II
1:02:08 Gigue

Suite No.2 in D minor
1:04:16 Prelude
1:08:19 Allemande
1:11:26 Courante
1:13:28 Sarabande
1:17:48 Minuets I and II
1:20:37 Gigue

Suite No.4 in E-flat Major
1:23:11 Prelude
1:27:44 Allemande
1:32:06 Courante
1:35:47 Sarabande
1:40:08 Bourees I and II
1:45:03 Gigue

Suite No.6 in D Major
1:47:47 Prelude
1:52:53 Allemande
2:01:11 Courante
2:05:09 Sarabande
2:10:44 Gavottes I and II
2:14:37 Gigue

3 comments on “Classical Sunday: Bach’s Cello Suites”

  1. The cello is one of my favorite instruments. I have a lot of cello music in my classical collection, including Bach. The musician, however, is new to me. Thanks for sharing.

    Today is “symphony day” for us — the first concert in our classical series for this season. We’ll be hearing Finlandia, Schumann’s piano concerto, a piece from Smetana’s “Ma vlast” and a KC commission world premiere. Well, technically the world premiere would have been on Friday LOL, but we’ll be hearing it for the first time today.

    “Triumphant. Jubilant. Visionary. The 2019/20 Classical Series opens in dramatic fashion with music perfect for a grand celebration as Michael Stern begins his 15th season as Kansas City Symphony music director. Sibelius’ Finlandia has a serene, hymn-like section featuring one the best melodies of all time. This monumental program also includes Robert Schumann’s brilliant Piano Concerto, the world premiere of Daniel Kellogg’s Golden Spike in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the transcontinental railroad, and Smetana’s showstopper from Má vlast (My Homeland).”

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Sounds great! Enjoy that. Sibelius Finlandia is an idea for our Sunday feature. Don’t think we had any Sibelius yet, or at least in a while. Thank you for stopping by on this fine October Sunday.

      Liked by 2 people

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